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All tim‍‍‍es are Central (Chicago time)

Find us here: Hesston Steam Museum, 1201 e 1000 north Hesston, IN 46350

‍‍‍Grey, Museum is closed; No operation 

Yellow Days prices / info

Yellow, Train rides on 1 railroad,
equipment displays can always be viewed.

Weekday operation, relax with train rides, ice cream and lunch. Train runs Noon – 5:00 CDT Train leaves‍‍‍ at the top of each hour.

Green Days prices / info

Green; no admission, Train rides on all 3 railroads, equipment displays can always be viewed.
Great days to bring small children or for people who don’t like crowds. — Trains run Noon – 5:00 CDT

Have a group or want to have an event
on a day the museum is normally closed? Download Rates Here.

‍‍‍Ride three different steam railroads & experience machines of the industrial age


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AUGUST 17‍‍‍

2018 Opening Weekend
Memorial Day ‍‍‍Weekend

May 26, 27, 28
Click Here!

Father's Day Weekend

June 16 & 17

Truck Show on Father's Day

Civil W‍‍‍‍‍‍ar Train Raids
June 24 & 25

Join the battle as your train is raided for the Army payroll!

Independence Day Celeb‍‍‍ration July 4    6, 7 & 8th

Experience machines that
built America

Sund‍‍‍ay‍‍‍ August 5

American Family Day

Special pricing for the
whole family

‍‍‍Four big Days‍‍‍

Labor Day Weekend Steam & Power Show
August 31

September 1 - 3

October 6 & 7

Chicago Da‍‍‍ys

Take a trip down memory lane.

Three Weekends
Hesston Ghost Train
A spooky ride through the haunted woods.
Fun for all ages
(just a little scary).

October 26
Kids' Halloween Train
A fun Halloween for little ghosts & gobli‍‍‍ns.

All the fun & NO scare!

First two weekends in December

Santa's Candy Cane‍‍‍ Express‍‍‍